What a leapling does in a non-leap year

Somewhere between midnight and daylight today the birthday fairies will sprinkle their dust and my baby girl will turn 25 – or rather, she will become 6 1/4 years old.

You see, Hannah is a leapling or what’s also sometimes known as a leaper. She’s one of those rare individuals who was born on February 29 – a leap year baby.

Less than five million people in the world can make this claim. The odds of being born on a leap day is 1 in 1461.

We always knew she was special. Now you do too.

Little did we know on that cold Saturday morning back in 1992 that she would be an exception. It was my sister Susan who lives in BC who first brought the oddity to our attention. Speaking over the phone shortly after Hannah was born she said to me, “It figures – if there is anyone in this family who could beat the odds and have a baby born on a Leap Year it would be you.”

I was surprised. I’m usually the one who takes the path less travelled. I seek the alternative, I choose the unpredictable. I like being different, a little right of ordinary. If I could have planned to achieve something fewer than .3 per cent of the population had achieved, I would have.

But the thought of having a Leap Year baby never even came on my radar. Perhaps that’s because Hannah wasn’t due until March 6. It never even occurred to me that I might have a February baby let alone a Leap Year baby.

There have been six leap years since Hannah was born but three times as many non-leap years.

So what does a leapling do in a non-leap year?

How were we to celebrate? We couldn’t let February pass without marking the occasion. Yet in any other year she would have been born on March 1st.


GIF Source: Giphy


We quickly resolved to celebrate on both days. And as my family can attest, often we will celebrate over the span of a week. Parties have ranged from bowling to skating to volleyball. Last year we went axe-throwing!

This year is different. This year she went skiing in Kelowna with her friends. It’s the first year we haven’t been together to celebrate.

It makes sense that as she’s about to enter a new quarter century that we start some new traditions.

Her birthday celebrations may have begun on February 28th but they will continue well into March when she gets home.

25 years flew by quickly Hannah. Here’s a quick snapshot of the sweet girl who always was and always will be exceptional.  We love you.

Hannah (2).jpg





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